About Us

Vision and Value

Consistent Profitable Performance Commitment to maximize the wealth of our shareholders and catering to the interests of our customers and employees.

Innovation to Nurture Good Partnerships with Customers Develop therapies and processes and provide services of the highest value to nurture good partnerships with customers.

Responsibility towards Environment, Safety and Health Nurturing the undying spirit for researching active substances to combat disease, protect the environments we inhabit, and the Society we serve.

Valuing the Ability to Excel, Integrity, Knowledge, Skill, Diversity and Team work in Employees Treat everyone fairly and with respect to create an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork.

The Strength to live a Dream Ind-Swift today is a well balanced, professionally managed, globally competitive organization and will continue to profitably serve all stakeholders including patients, healthcare professionals, employees, business associates and shareholders.

The Company is stronger today than it was at any time in the past, and we are confident that it has great potential for the future too. We shall continue to foster value creation with renewed commitment and focus on long-term success to benefit our customers, employees and investors.

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